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  Technical Specification

Damp Proofing in Window Openings

Below Sill:
  The Damp Proofing must be the full length of the window opening and turned up at the back and sides
(see diagrams below).

Damp proofing
b) Above Lintel
Damp proofing



Damp Proofing in Parapets

Damp Proofing should be high adhesion type for stability.
Damp Proofing in parapets should be at a height of at least 150mm above the abutment with the roof.
It should form a moisture-resistant connection with the flashings or roof-sheeting.
Shaped concrete precast coping for parapets minimises the risk of rain penetration and water staining in these very exposed areas
(see diagram below).

Damp proofing in parapets


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