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Clay Paving

Currently only rectangular clay paving blocks are manufactured.
Dimensions of the majority of clay pavers are 224mm long, 112mm wide and 50mm in height.
Clay Pavers are manufactured to the SABS specification.
The strength of pavers is known as the Modulus of Rupture with a minimum of 4Mpa.
Design and specification of paving depends on its intended use - pedestrian, light industrial, medium industrial or medium density vehicle traffic.
Paving can be laid in different patterns.

Laying Paving

It is essential that the area to be paved is correctly prepared.
First excavate the ground 85-95mm below required paving level.
The excavated area must be thoroughly raked and loosened then recompacted to provide a firm base.
Compacted ground should be sloped slightly away from existing buildings to enable proper drainage.
Prevent weeds and grasses from growing through the paving joints by sprinkling a commercial weed killer over the compacted ground.
Then spread a 25mm thick layer of clean, sharp river sand over the compacted sub-base.
Use a straight edge to level this bedding layer.
Now lay the paving bricks on the bedding layer in the required pattern.

There are three basic methods of laying pavers

1. With an 8-10mm cement mortar joint.
2. Rigid Paving
Laying pavers with a 3-5mm joint and brushing sand between them.
3. Flexible Paving



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