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  Technical Specification

Texture and colour

Unless otherwise specified, the texture and colour of masonry units shall be uniform.

For the purpose of assessing uniformity of colour and texture the manufacturer shall, by agreement with the purchaser, submit for the purchasers approval a minimum of 100 units which are to be used by the purchaser to build a panel wall on site which is representative of what may reasonably be expected to be delivered and is large enough to encompass known and acceptable variations in the bricks. It will be used to assess consistency of supply in respect of colour and texture. The actual colour and texture has to be agreed between the manufacturer and specifier.

Reducing the effects of colour banding

Because clay bricks are made from natural materials fired at intense temperatures, and because these natural elements can vary, it is possible for a brick to be slightly different in colour tone or shade from its neighbour. To reduce colour banding and to even out any slight but visible variation in the wall, bricks must be blended on site by taking bricks from four or five (or more) delivered brick packs at one time and forming smaller packs for direct use by the bricklayer. To obtain the best blend, bricks are to be taken from each delivered pack in vertical layers - not horizontal - and stacked in a wheelbarrow for immediate use by the bricklayer.

Construction of the reference panel

The reference panel shall be erected on a level, firm foundation having good natural daylight. It should be sited that it can be retained for further inspection and reference and should, therefore, be protected from damage. The reference panel should be constructed to expose no less than 100 brick faces, selected as follows:-

supplied by the manufacturer so that they are reasonably representative of the average quality of the whole order to be delivered, and must be built so that it reasonably represents the finished work and expose for assessment those faces which will be visible in the finished work. In particular bricks should be laid in the bond for the finished work, using mortar of the same class and colour. If colour and texture are to be included in the assessment, the joints should be tooled in the same manner as the finished work.

A viewing distance of 3 metres is normally satisfactory for purposes of assessment. This distance may be varied by prior agreement. It should be noted that there may be differences in the incidence of minor visual defects in any one batch when compared with the reference panel but the reference panel should be indicative of the average reference panel should be indicative of the average quality of the bricks.


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