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Brickwork: Bond Patterns, Mortar Joint Profiles and Pointing, Strength and Stability

Bond Patterns

Standard “imperial” size bricks (222mm x 106mm x 73mm) may be bonded in a number of ways. Bonding is important in
terms of vertical load carrying capacity and horizontal strength of masonry walling.

Unbonded and Bonded Brick Walls

Unbounded brick wall
Unbounded Brick wall Incorrect
Unbounded brickwall
Unbounded Brick wall Correct

There are three bonds most commonly used:
Stretch Bond (most frequently found, due in part to its ease of laying) is basically a half brick wall bond, (see diagram below).

Stretcher Bond

Stretcher Bond Stretcher Bond

Flemish or Flemish garden wall bond providing a strong full brick solid wall (see diagram below).

Flemish or Flemish Garden Wall Bond

Flemish or Garden  Wall Bond Flemish or Garden  Wall Bond


Internal Straight

English Bond, generally believed to be the strongest full brick wall bond and is often used in foundation walling
and for retaining walls (see diagram below).

English Bond

English Bond English Bond

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