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Mortar Joint Profiles And Pointing

In face brick walling, the quality and the profile of the mortar joints have a direct bearing on both the weather performance and aesthetics of the wall. Non face plaster brick walls may be ruled and jointed to provide greater surface interest, after plastering and before painting.


There is often the tendency to deep rake an external face brick wall for aesthetic reasons when a weather struck joint will not only provide the best shadow effect, but will improve the rain penetration performance of the whole wall as well. Lack of good workman training, in many cases, leads to poor jointing which results in an end walling product of lower quality than expected.

Pointing and polishing the joints is a separate procedure to the first step of trowelling off excess mortar and raking out the joints. When executed by a properly trained artisan or craftsman, joint cracks will be reduced, the weatherproofing will improve and the walls ability to shed water will be greatly increased. (See diagram below).

Flush Struck Weather struck Tuck pointed
Raked out Bastard tuck pointed Squeezed joint
Hollow key Square recessed



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