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Brick breakthrough at Lobatse Clay Works puts creamy new face on things

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Lobatse Clay Works set itself a challenge: make a pale colored brick that will add a fresh new look to the rich reds, ochres and browns of the company’s product range.
It was a tough assignment. The technical team painstakingly experimented with different clay combinations and firing techniques. Each batch of trial bricks emerging from the kiln was closely examined, and repeatedly rejected-until the break through day when everything came just right.

This was the birth of Mmamabula Cream, so named for its attractive ‘creamy’ look and the source from which it is withdrawn-the deep clay beds of Mmamabula, near Dibete off the road between Gaborone and Francistown.
The Mmamabula clay deposit is distinctive for its high silica and aluminum oxide content, which together with other special ingredients, careful preparation and consistent firing under intense heat gives the brick its pleasing and even cream color.

A secret process is the precise heat management in the kiln, where the temperature is controlled with pinpoint accuracy following the installation of state-of-the-art new burners from Italy.
The arrival of Mmamabula Cream on the Market is a triumph for Lobatse Clay works and a significant development for the construction industry, giving architects and builders more choice in their selection on local materials for building projects.

Local procurement is a vital element of economic development, and the major contribution of Lobatse Clay Works to the National diversification was highlighted by the Assistant Minister of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Mr. Mokgweetsi Masisi, when he officially launched the new brick at a function in Gaborone.
Congratulating the company for its enterprise, he pledged government’s full support for industries that strive towards self sufficiency and economic diversification. He called on the market to ensure the success of such initiatives by sourcing local products that were competitive in quality, price and innovation.

The Assistant Minister noted that the Lobatse Clay Works slogan ‘Building Botswana- Brick by Brick’ was very apt. High quality face bricks and pavers from Lobatse Clay Works are built into homes, offices, factories, schools, hospitals and public buildings across the country.

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